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We Use High-Quality, Precision Ground 316L Implant Grade Stainless Steel in our K-Wires

BUSA® Surgical Instrumentation is proud to offer a comprehensive K-Wire product line. Our versatile line of high-quality K-Wires are designed and manufactured to very rigid specifications. They are fabricated from precision ground 316L implant grade stainless steel (ASTM F 138) and are subjected to strenuous inspection programs to assure exceptional results. We are pleased to provide only the best quality products for our customers at an exceptional value.

Also available are our K-Wire Sterilization Case (catalog # KM-9701) and our Combination K-Wire & Steinmann Pin Sterilization Case (catalog # KM-9703).


KM 9701
K-Wire Sterilization Case
(catalog # KM-9701)
KM 9703
Combination K-Wire & Steinmann Pin
Sterilization Case (catalog # KM-9703)