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EZX System


For use in hip revision surgery.

* Available in the UK only*

The EZX System is exclusive to BUSA Surgical Instrumentation. It is designed to allow easy access for the removal of acetabular cups during hip revision surgery. The system utilizes powered technology with a single rotating blade to save time and result in better patient outcomes.


  • Compatible with any powered handpiece
  • Removes cemented and non-cemented cups
  • 29 blade options: size 46-74 in 1mm increments



  • Reduces surgical procedural time
  • Minimizes bone loss
  • Simplifies complex hip revision surgeries, improving patient recovery and mobility
  • Precise cut with predictable results
  • Reduces the risk of acetabular fractures


EZX Acetabular Cup Removal System from BUSA Surgical Instrumentation


Order Number Item Description
Universal Shaft BREZS101 Shaft to assemble with Side Handle and Blade
Side Handle BREZH100 Handle to hold Universal Shaft and forward Blade
Caliper Tool BRXST2000M Tool to size the Blade and Liners
Blade BRXTB460 ~740 Blade size 46mm – 74mm (Available in 1 mm increments)
Raised Liner BRXTL37A ~ 65A Raised Liner 37mm – 65mm (Available in 1 mm increments)
Finishing Liner BRXTL37B ~ 65B Finishing Liner 37mm – 65mm (Available in 1 mm increments)
Sterilization Tray BRXZT1000 Sterilization Tray


Want to Learn More about the EZX System?

Download the EZX Brochure (BM_5455)
IFU – BUSA EZX Blade BM-5305-Rev.5
IFU – BUSA EZX System T-5299-Rev.7