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BSPRAZR™ 100 – High Speed Pneumatic Power Drill System

Pneumatic, Lightweight, Smooth and Precise.

The BSPRAZR™ 100 High Speed Drill Motor from BUSA® Surgical Instrumentation, a compact, pneumatic, lightweight foot-controlled handpiece, offers new technological and performance standards for spine, craniotomies, oral/maxillofacial and general surgical procedures. Rotating at 100,000 rpm, the high speed drill motor features smooth, precise cutting, superior fingertip control and minimal operational noise level.

BSPRAZR™ 100 High Speed Drill System is ergonomically designed to provide a balanced, lightweight motor to minimize wrist fatigue. Its slim design allows easier access and greater visibility to the smallest surgical sites.

The BSPRAZR™ 100 High Speed Drill System features a wide range of attachments and cutting accessories.