BSPMAX™ II – Large Bone Power System

The BSPMAX™ II by BUSA® Surgical Instrumentation is a high performance large bone battery powered system and is available in a modular drill / reamer and is ideal for use with our sagittal, oscillator, reciprocator and sternum saw blades.

BSPMICRO™ – Small Bone Pneumatic Power System

The BSPMICRO™ Small Bone Power System from BUSA® Surgical Instrumentation offers a wide range of drills and saws for a variety of surgical procedures.

BSPRAZR™ 100 – High Speed Pneumatic Power Drill System

The BSPRAZR™ 100 High Speed Drill Motor from BUSA® Surgical Instrumentation, a compact, pneumatic, lightweight foot-controlled handpiece, offers new technological and performance standards for spine, craniotomies, oral/maxillofacial and general surgical procedures.