New Sterile Threaded K-Wires

Try Our New Individually Packaged Sterile Threaded K-Wires


These new threaded K-Wires offered by BUSA® Surgical Instrumentation are packaged sterile (1 ea.) and are easily identified by adding an (S) to the end of any fully threaded K-Wire catalog number code.

New sterile catalog numbers include: KM173-19-35S, KM173-19-45S, KM173-19-62S, KM173-29-35S, KM173-29-45S, KM173-29-54S, KM173-29-62S, KM173-39-35S, KM173-39-45S, KM173-39-62S, KM173-49-35S, KM173-49-45S, KM173-49-54S and KM173-49-62S.