BR2108-100N Large Bone Sagittal Saw Blade – Available Now

Try the BR2108-100N Large Bone Sagittal Saw Blade


The BR2108-100N large bone sagittal saw blade by BUSA® Surgical Instrumentation is packaged non-sterile (1 ea.) and is compatible with Stryker® Sagittal Saw Systems 7, 6, 5, 4, 2000 & EHD. It is the same saw blade as BR2108-100 which is packaged sterile (1 ea.) referenced in our Product Catalog, Volume 10. The BR2108-100N offers a non-sterile package option to compliment the current sterile package option BR2108-100.

Both the sterile and non-sterile package options cross reference to Stryker® 2108-100 and 2108100.

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